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Pipelines export from Port Gentil to Gamba for Shell Linepipe Project

SCS handles rerouting of pipes, which are on the yard managed by SCS in the Port, towards the Stingray barge for the Shell " linepipes " project. The export of about 1700 pipes displayed over a period of three months according to the overhang of the linepipe installation.

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Optimization of spaces and inventory for Total Gabon

SCS contributes to the optimization of spaces (reorganisation of storage spaces) and the inventory of Total Gabon. Due to this, we have added a "Catalogue" section on this website, in which you will find a list of the equipment to be sold or placed in scrapyards. SCS takes care of the commercialisation, the organisation of the visi...

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DIABA deepwater project for Total Gabon

SCS managed all the transportation flows for the entirety of the material, from the provision to the delivery on site and in store (transportation, transit and delivery).

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Supply Chain Support, 4 PL (Four Part Logistic), aims at providing advice and support for the management of your supply chain mainlyin Africa and the petroleum industry.

Our bases in Gabon and Tanzania allow us to relay your operations in East and West Africa. Based in Gabon and Tanzania, we use those two platforms as outbound relays for your operations in the East and West of Africa.

Logistic chains in this part of the world are ever more complex. The large number of players leads to coordination, communication and responsibility issues, which in turn can cause problems relating to the management and visibility of the logistics chain. In this particular part of the world, the managing of supply chains becomes more and more complex; the large number of actors involved in them leads to coordination, communication and responsibility issues, making the management and visibility of the supply chain even more difficult.

Our 4 PL offer is a direct result of this complex situation. We propose a complete service organised by one single contact point.

Together we will build an outsourced provision of your supply chain specifically adapted to your needs and structure. We will analyse and design your supply chain scheme.

Our aim is to reinforce and then consolidate the visibility of your supply chain and to rationalise the information sources between the different actors from the time a need is expressed right up to the delivery.

Our added value is our capacity to adapt, to innovate and to be able to offer services, which go beyond mere simple supply services.